Before you begin


You can complete the placement tests, once registered, at your convenience. However, we recommend within 48 hours of registering. 

The placement tests must be completed within 14 days of registering.

Step 1 - Register for the placement test


You will need to complete for each placement test event. If you need to take both placement tests, you will need to sign up for both Mathematics and Reading. 

  1. Go to
  2. Choose the placement test you want to take
  3. Scroll down to the bottom of the screen, click the Register button
  4. Sign in using the email and password you used when you completed your CCAC admissions application 
  5. Click the Sign in Button
  6. Check, update and fill in the information need
  7. Click the Register button
  8. You will receive an email additional information


Your account (NetID) will be ready to create (step 2) until 24 hours AFTER you have registered for your placement test

Step 2 - Create your NetID

Before you begin

You will not be able to create your NetID, until 24 hours after you have registered for the placement test (Step 1).

Before you begin

  1. Go to
  2. Click the Next button
  3. Enter the captcha security code in the security code field
  4. Click the Next button
  5. Enter your seven-digit student number in the Student ID field
  6. Click the Next button
  7. Enter your Last Name in the Last Name field
  8. Click the Next button
  9. Choose the Create Account option
  10. Click the Next button
  11. Read and scroll down to the bottom of the policy
  12. Click the Next button
  13. Enter your password in the New Password field
  14. Retype the same password in the Confirm Password field

    Password Criteria  

    Information on password criteria - Password Criteria for a Student (NetID) Account  

  15. Click the Next button 
  16. Choose 3 recovery questions and answer them
  17. Click the Finish button
  18. Your username will be in bold red, this is your NetID / username
  19. Click the Exit button


It is strongly suggested you store your Seven-Digit Student Number, NetID and Password in a secure password manager.

Step 3 - Logging into placement test

Before you begin

It is suggested you take your placement test

  • On a stable internet connection
  • On a computer with a screen larger than 10" 
  1. Go to
  2. Log in using your NetID and password
  3. In the My Courses section, click the test you want to take

Step 4 - Taking the placement test

Reading Test


  • You will have 60 minutes to complete 24 questions. 
  • Score will be presented at the end of the exam.
  1. After clicking English Reading Placement Test
  2. Locate the announcement section
  3. Read the directions found in the announcementsIf announcements are not available, click the more announcements... link 
  4. From the left menu, click Placement Test
  5. Click Asset 
  6.  Read the directions
  7. Click the Begin button to start 

Math Test


You can begin the Math series at your convenience; however, we strongly encourage you to finish the series within 48 hours of starting the first test.

  1. After clicking Mathematics Placement Test
  2. Locate the announcement section
  3. Read the directions found in the announcements
    If announcements are not available, click the more announcements... link
  4. From the left menu, click Placement Test
  5. Click Practice TestPart 1
  6. This will redirect the applicant to an external site,, which is the Pearson registration page
  7. Click the Create button to complete and create your Pearson account
  8. Click ‘Get temporary access without payment for 14 days’ found at the bottom of the page  
  9. Click the Yes button
  10. A process screen will appear, wait until it completes
  11. Take the practice test
  12. Once complete, click the Start Test button to begin Placement Test 1  
  13. Once the tests are completed, click Go to Results to proceed
  14. If you pass the first placement test, you will be presented with a link to the next pre-test in the sequence, then the next exam in the sequence, if not, you have completed the math placement test. 

Step 5 - Registering for courses

If you have taken the placement test and received the email with the registration link, you can register for classes.

Before you begin

You will need to receive the email confirmation with link to the Virtual Advising.

  1. You will receive an email once your placement test grades have been entered. Then you will be able to register for courses.
  2. Once you receive the email, there will be a link to register for classes through the virtual advising through Zoom.

Step 6 - Take the Online Orientation 

  1. Go to
  2. Enter in your First and Last Name
  3. Enter your student ID number Your student number is found in the welcome emails sent from CCAC Admissions Department
  4. Click the Sign In button
  5. Follow the steps in orientation to complete the online orientation!