1. From the taskbar, click the Wi-Fi icon
  2. From the available Wi-Fi networks list, choose CCAC-wireless
  3. Click the Connect button
  4. Enter your CCAC username and password
  5. Click the OK button
  6. Click the Connect button to accept the certificate
  7. You are now connected to the CCAC-Wireless!


  1. Locate CCAC-wireless in the list of available Wi-Fi networks
  2. Enter your CCAC Username and Password
  3. Click the Join button 
  4. Click the Continue button to accept the CCAC certificate 
  5. Click Use Password... button to enter your Apple ID Username and Password for the computer
    If you have Touch ID, you can also use this to enter your information. 
  6. You are now connected to the CCAC-Wireless! 

iPhone / iPad

Screenshots were taken on iOS 14.1

  1. Open Settings App
  2. Go to Wi-Fi
  3. Choose CCAC-Wireless for the available Wi-Fi list
  4. Enter your CCAC Username
  5. Enter your Password
  6. Tap Trust


Screenshots were taken on OS 10.0

  1. Open Settings App
  2. Tap Connections
  3. Go to Wi-Fi
  4. Choose CCAC-Wireless for the available Wi-Fi list
  5. Under, EAP method, choose PEAP
  6. Tap on Select certificate under CA Certificate
  7. Google Pixel users do not need to do this step - leave at "Use system certificates" 
  8. Choose Don't Validate
  9. Under Domain, put
  10. Under Identity, enter your CCAC Username
  11. Under Password, enter your Password
  12. Tap Advanced options
  13. Under Privacy, choose Use device MAC
  14. Tap Connect

Wireless Information

A device must support WPA-2 wireless security protocol in order to connect to CCAC-Wireless SSID.

Using Other Vendors for Wireless Connections? Users should attempt to replicate the settings contained in our instructions: 

  • Network Authentication = WPA-2
  • Data Encryption = AES
  • EAP Type = PEAP


If you update your CCAC password, you will need to forget the Wi-Fi and reconnect with your new password. You will need to do this for every device that has your password saved.