1. Click File
  2. Click Print
  3. Select Printer in the drop-down
    1. CCAC-Black-and-White on printers.ccac.org
    2. CCAC-Color on printers.ccac.org
    3. CCAC-Booklet-Color on printers.ccac.org (only certain users will see this option)
  4. Adjust other printer settings to your needs
  5. Click Print
    1. After clicking print, your print job will be in a queue
  6. Walk to a Printer
  7. On the touch pad, tap Username and password
  8. Enter your temp CCAC username and password
    1. Using Onscreen Keyboard
    2. Using Pull out Keyboard at printer
  9. Click Log in
  10. Print job will automatically be released at the printer