There are some instances that require multiple parties to provide information and/or sign a document

Examples of that situation may include but are not limited to:

  • A Dependent Student that requires parent information and signature on the Verification Form
  • Providing a FERPA form to allow 3rd party access to CCAC information
  • Requirement of spouse's information
  • Requirement of a 3rd party to sign (i.e. withdrawal clearance letter)
  1. Click on the form that needs to be filled out
  2. Enter the name(s) and email address(es) for all those parties required to provide information on the form
  3. Click the Electronic Record and Signature Box on the top left side and the Got It button
  4. Click the Continue button
  5. Click the Start button
  6. Fill in ALL boxes that are marked in RED as required fields. Anyone that meets the criteria of "in the household" should be listed in the household section 
  7. There are some selections that require you to provide an attachment.  If an attachment is required or suggested, you will see an icon appear to the right of the question.  Click on the paperclip icon
  8. Click the Upload Filebutton
    1. Depending on your device, this will provide a pop-up box that contains the material you wish to upload to CCAC. Click on the file you want to upload

  9. Click on the Open button
  10. Continue to use the Upload A File button until all desired files are uploaded
  11. Click the Done button.


    A copy of the form will be emailed to the person that was listed on the PowerForm Signer Information page to allow them an opportunity to complete their section of the form.  This will ONLY be sent to the 3rd party once you have completed and signed the document

  12. Click on the Sign Icon
  13. Click the Adopt and Sign button

  14. Click the Finish button

  15. Congratulations!!  You will have the option to download or print out a copy of the form. Your form will be sent to anyone that you listed on the PowerForm Signer Information page, if required
  16. Click close the form
  17. You should see that your document is IN PROCESS and "Your (Part) of the document is now complete" and you may click the Close button
  18. You've finished signing!
  19. View your CCAC Self-Service for updates on your financial aid status