Looking for a more focused and flexible approach to college? FOCUS pathways allow you to complete all your coursework in the same number of semesters as the standard degree path - while taking fewer classes at a time.

Most classes last the full 16 weeks of a standard semester. A full course load means taking four to five classes for the whole semester.

Classes in the FOCUS pathway instead last only 8 weeks. You can take just two or three classes at a time, completing some classes in the first half of the semester and enrolling in new classes for the second half.

Business Management FOCUS Pathway

Earn an Associate degree in Business Management by following this FOCUS pathway.

Term Session Course Credits
Fall 1 1st 8-weeks (Aug-Oct) College Seminar (SEM-105) 2
    Intro to Business (BUS-101) 3
  2nd 8-weeks (Oct - Dec) Financial Accounting (ACC-104) 4
    English Comp 1 (ENG-101) 3
      12 total
Spring 1 1st 8-weeks (Jan - Mar) Managerial Accounting (ACC-203) 4
    Prin of Macroeconomics (ECO-102) 3
  2nd 8-weeks (Mar - May) Prin of Management (BUS-103-AC95) 3
    English Comp 2 (ENG-102) 3
      13 total
Summer 1 8-weeks (June - July) Inter Algebra (MAT-108) 4
    Intro to Psychology (PSY-101) 3
      8 total
Fall 2 1st 8-weeks (Aug-Oct) Intro to Computer Fund (CIT-115) 3
    Prin of Marketing (BUS-104) 3
  2nd 8-weeks (Oct - Dec) Oral Communications (SPH-101) 3
    Personal Finance (BUS-110) 3
      12 total
Spring 2 1st 8-weeks (Jan - Mar) Business Communications (BUS-130) 3
    Business Law (BUS-251) 3
  2nd 8-weeks (Mar - May) Prin of Supervision (BUS-200) 3
    Human Resource Management (BUS-201) 3
    Achieving Cultural Competence (ETH-114) 3
      16 total
Summer 2 8-weeks (June - July) Science Elective 3
    Prin of Selling (BUS-212) 3
      6 total



Multimedia FOCUS Pathway

Earn a certificate in Front-End Web Development by following this FOCUS pathway.

Term Session Course Credits
Fall 1st 8-weeks (Aug-Oct) Digital Design for Multimedia (MMC-114) 3
    Web Processes & Production (MMC-227) 3
  2nd 8-weeks (Oct - Dec) Web Publication Practices (MMC-227) 3
    User Interface Design for Web Users (MMC-115) 3
    Total Credits for Fall term 12 total
Spring 1st 8-weeks (Jan - Mar) Interactive Front End Development (MMC-225) 3
    Front-End Libraries in Web Development (MMC-150) 3
  2nd 8-weeks (Mar - May) Content Management Systems (MMC-155) 3
    Self Promotion in a Virtual World (MMC-230) 2
    Total Credits for Spring term 12 total
      23 total