A space is where all the action takes place in Webex. It's where you send messages, share files, schedule meetings, make calls, and so on. You can have several types of spaces: one with just one other person, one with lots of people, and one that's part of a larger team. 

Adjusting your Space's Settings

  1. Go to the Space you need to change the settings
  2. Click the Gear
  3. Click Edit Space Settings...

Adding a Moderator

You can also assign other moderators to the team to help keep the team members list up to date, or to update the team details. Moderators can help make sure that the spaces in your team are all active by archiving spaces that you aren't using or restoring any that you need again. They can also remove people from the team who aren't working on it anymore.

  1. From the team space
  2. Click the Gear
  3. Click Moderate Space
  4. Click Moderate
  5. You will now have the Moderator Settings


You have the ability to message the space and add to the conversation. 

Create a Message Thread

You can reply to someone and create a thread of messages.

  1. Find the message you want to reply to
  2. Hover over the message
  3. Click the Start a Thread icon
  4. Type your message
  5. Click the Send button
  6. You will see a thread has been created

Get someone's attention by @ them

  1. Click on the space you want in the peoples and spaces list 
  2. Click in the Write a message area
  3. Type the @ Symbol
  4. Click on the name of the person you want to mention in the space 
  5. The persons name will turn blue
  6. Type your message
  7. Hit enter on your keyboard to send the message 

See all your Content that's been shared

From the Content tab, you can see Files, Whiteboard spaces, Link and other medias

  1. Click on the Content Tab
  2. Click the Content you want to see

Add links to a Space

If you have a specific item, you are working on and you would like everyone to have a link, you can add it to the Add+

  1. Click the Add+ 
  2. Name the shortcut
  3. Add the URL to the website
  4. Click the Add button

Search a Space

Search for anything in the space using the magnifying glass