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You can review course section schedules for a term using these different methods.

CSAR in Colleague

Log into Colleague.

Go to CSAR Course Section Availability Report.

In the top section, enter the parameters you want to use to display some of the section data.

  • Print Open Sections = Yes
  • Print Closed Sections = Y (if you only wish to view open sections, change to No)
  • Print Primary Only = N
  • Print by Loc or Fac 
    • L Location - page break after each location
    • F Faculty - page break after each instructor; helpful for payroll and staffing; all unstaffed sections will display on one page
    • S Section - new! see below *
  • Print Faculty Office Hours = N
  • Print Global or Local = G (you'll see totals for cross-listed sections)
  • Include Printed Comments = Y
  • Name/Address Hierarchy = CHOSEN (chosen faculty names will display)
  • Count Paid Students = N

These parameters will be remembered the next time you run the report.

On the bottom section, enter the filters that will determine which sections will be included in your report.

Use the LEAST number of items for your selection. 

  • If you are a department head, enter term and department (include the virtual department if you want to see online also).
  • If you are a dean, enter term and division.
  • If you are a center director or want to see what is scheduled at a specific location, enter term and location.

Need to know your division or department code? See the article Provost, Deans, Department Heads and Faculty Secretaries

NEW! Section Sort

You can now sort by Section. Enter S in the Print by Loc or Fac field.

This will now print the on-ground, remote and online courses together with no page breaks. You'll see on-ground and remote courses together. If you add the virtual department, ALL of the online courses will be included.

Want to see ONLY online sections assigned to faculty at your location?

After the online instructors have been assigned with the FAC ALLEG, FAC BOYCE, FAC NORTH or FAC SOUTH "rooms", you can exclude the other campuses if the department head only wants to see sections associated with the campus. Enter Y for Additional Selection Criteria. Then, enter the following the following specification, to exclude the campuses that are NOT covered by your department.



Go to Informer (quick link on MyCCAC). In the search field under Reports Listing, search for the word "normalize".

Select the query that meets your needs. Click on the star to make it a favorite.

Enter your filters:

  • Term is required. 
  • Section statuses: enter A,P to see all active and pending sections.
  • ONE Department: Use this if you are department head.
  • ONE Subject Discipline: Use this if you only want to see one subject (discipline).

Click Launch Report.

When complete, click Export Results in the top right corner. Select Excel Comma-Separated Values. Click Export.

Look for the excel file to download (browsers download files in different ways).