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  1. Locate the video you want to add from the Verbit transcriptions list
  2. Click on the title you want to show in Blackboard
  3. Click the Export button
  4. Choose Offline Interactive player
  5. The video will process
    Depending on the size it may take a while
  6. The zip file will begin to download
    Depending on the size it may take a while 
  7. Navigate to the Blackboard course you want to add the video to
  8. Locate Content Collection in the menu
  9. Click the course name
  10. Click Create Folder 
  11. Name the folder the same name as the video in the Folder Name field
  12. Click the Submit button
  13. Click on the newly created folder name
  14. Click the Upload 
  15. Choose Upload Zip Package
  16. Click the Browse Local Files button
  17. Locate the file 
  18. Click the Open button
  19. The file will now be under the Attached Files section
    Depending on the size it may take a while 
  20. Click the Submit button
  21. Once uploaded and Auto Unzipped, you will see your files
  22. Navigate to where you want to add the video in Blackboard
  23. Click Build Content
  24. Choose File
  25. Name the file in the Name field
  26. Click the Browse Content Collection button
  27. Click to open the folder your video is stored
  28. Choose the player.html file
  29. Click the Submit button
  30. Click the Submit button
  31. The video file will appear in the Blackboard course
  32. Click the title to video to view the video
  33. The player will appear and show in Blackboard

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